Raise Nation PopUp Photoshoot's Flyer


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The images presented to you below are actual photos taken from past clients who has given us consent to post on our online portfolio.





*Note* This photoshoot may be free or at a reduced price for Raise Nation members. Please check the members section for member's discount.

Raise Nation in collobaration with IN3DC presents to you our PopUp Photoshoot.

Raise Nation's PopUp photoshoot was created to provide high quality & affordable photography for everyday people. This event typically works well for aspiring and seasoned professionals/entrepreneurs, influencers, models, actors or just anyone looking to elevate their personal or professional brand by taking awesome photos.


We work with you and take as many great & high quality photos as we can. At the end, you choose the ones you like and we snd over the edited version. It's that simple.

Have any questions? Please check the FAQs section.


30 min photoshoot sessions: 2 subjects and you get up to 5 images.

60 min photoshoot sessions: 4 subjects and you get up to10 images.


30 min Photoshoot Booking/Availibiility: https://calendly.com/raisenation/non-raise-nation-member-30-min-photoshoot-booking

60 min Photoshoot Booking/Availibility: https://calendly.com/raisenation/non-raise-nation-member-60-min-photoshoot



Raise Nation DMV Lite Members: 50% discount. 

How to redeem: Enter your promo code during check out to get the 50% off.

*Remember* Your code is your email address used at Raise Nation membership sign up.

Raise Nation Premium & Pro Members: Pro & Premium members can book a photoshoot for FREE.

You must login & go to www.raise-nation.com/memberbenefits, to schedule your photoshoot. *NOTE PREMIUM & PRO MEMBERS* Cancelling your photoshoot short of notice (within 24 hours of the photoshoot) will cause you to lose your ability to book your photoshoot for the next month.



Is Raise Nation open to taking photos on other days & time?

As time moves forward we plan to expand our availibility and add different dates so that more folks can take advantage of our awesome photography sessions.

What if I want more photos?

If you want more photos than what you ordered, there will be a small charge per photos. The price ranges between $3 & $7. The price varies due to the fact that not every image is the same & some may require more time to edit than others.

How is parking?

There is a parking lot located right across the street from the location.

What type of backgrounds can you choose from?

We have both a black & white background and we use RGB lights to change the color of the background to different colors.

Do you provide make up or props?

No, we just take photos as you are. However, we may provide a chair or stool.

How do I know if the photoshoot is confirmed?

You know that your photoshoot is confirmed when you receive a confirmation text message. You should recieve this message within 48 hours of the time in which you booked.

What if I need more time?

If there isn't anyone after your shoot, we can add more time to your session, however there will be a small fee for extension.

How do I choose the photos that I would like to get?

The photos (watermarked) will be sent over to you and you can let us know the ones that you want and we will send you the edited version (and unedited versIon) via email/dropbox.

What if I want to shoot outside or at a different location?

At this moment in time we are only shooting inside the location.

Do you print photos as well?

No, at this moment we just only provide you awesome photos in it's digital format.


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