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Noi Evgenij Zamjatin Pdf 25

Noi Evgenij Zamjatin Pdf 25

Noi is a dystopian novel by the Russian writer Evgenij Zamjatin, published in 1924. It is considered one of the first and most influential works of the genre, and has inspired many other authors, such as George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Kurt Vonnegut. Noi depicts a futuristic society where people live in a state of total conformity, under the control of a single dictator known as the Benefactor. The protagonist, D-503, is a mathematician and engineer who works on a project to build a spaceship called the Integral. He meets a woman named I-330, who introduces him to a secret resistance movement that aims to overthrow the Benefactor and restore human freedom.

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The novel is written in the form of D-503's diary entries, which he intends to send to other planets along with the Integral. However, as he falls in love with I-330 and becomes involved in the rebellion, he starts to question his loyalty to the system and his own identity. He also suffers from a strange illness that makes him see and feel things that are not rational or logical. He is diagnosed with a condition called "imagination", which is considered a dangerous disease in his society. He undergoes a surgery to remove his imagination, but it is too late to stop the revolution.

Noi is a masterpiece of science fiction and political satire, that explores themes such as individuality, freedom, creativity, and totalitarianism. It also reflects Zamjatin's own experience of living under the Soviet regime, which he criticized for its repression of artistic expression and intellectual dissent. Zamjatin was persecuted for his writings and eventually exiled from his country. Noi was banned in the Soviet Union until 1988, but it was published abroad and translated into many languages.

If you are interested in reading Noi by Evgenij Zamjatin, you can find a PDF version of the novel online. Here are some links to download it:

  • [Evgenij Zamjatin - Noi - [PDF Document]]: This is a PDF document that contains the full text of Noi in Italian. It has 155 pages and was uploaded by drbenway84 on October 25, 2015.

  • [Noi by Evgenij I. Zamjatin, Feltrinelli, Economic pocket edition]: This is a page on Anobii, a social network for book lovers. It provides information about Noi by Evgenij I. Zamjatin published by Feltrinelli - Economic pocket edition. You can also read reviews from other readers and join discussions about the book.

  • [Noi - Evgenij Ivanovič Zamjatin - Google Books]: This is a page on Google Books, where you can preview some pages of Noi by Evgenij Ivanovič Zamjatin published by Paideia in 1998. You can also buy the book online or find it in a library near you.

We hope you enjoy reading Noi by Evgenij Zamjatin and learning more about this classic novel of science fiction and social criticism.

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