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Fantasy Frontier Second

Fantasy Frontier Second: A Comic Series by PawFeather

Fantasy Frontier Second is a comic series created by PawFeather, a deviant artist who specializes in DiD (damsel in distress) and tickling scenarios. The series is a sequel to Fantasy Frontier, which features a group of adventurers who explore a fantasy world full of magic, monsters, and mischief. Fantasy Frontier Second introduces new characters and settings, as well as crossover elements from other works by PawFeather.


The Plot

The story of Fantasy Frontier Second revolves around Princess Iuki, the heir of the Kingdom of Snow, and her loyal maid Iko. They embark on a journey to recover a precious treasure that was stolen by the Band of Thieves, a trio of mischievous rogues composed of Ace, Jet, and Clover. Along the way, they encounter various dangers and challenges, such as traps, puzzles, enemies, and allies. They also cross paths with Elvina, Serena, Rui, Fuyu, Nadia, Syrielle, Sheila, Sara, and others from the original Fantasy Frontier series. The comic is filled with humor, action, adventure, romance, and of course, DiD and tickling scenes.

The Characters

The main characters of Fantasy Frontier Second are:

  • Princess Iuki: The princess of the Kingdom of Snow, a land covered in ice and snow. She is brave, curious, and adventurous, but also naive and spoiled. She loves to explore new places and learn new things. She has a special bond with her treasure, a snowflake-shaped pendant that contains the power of winter. She is often captured and tickled by her enemies or allies.

  • Iko: The personal maid and best friend of Princess Iuki. She is loyal, diligent, and protective of her princess. She is also skilled in combat and magic. She accompanies Iuki on her quest to retrieve her treasure. She is usually calm and composed, but she can be easily flustered or embarrassed by certain situations. She is also very ticklish.

  • Ace: The leader of the Band of Thieves, a group of notorious criminals who steal anything they want. He is cunning, charismatic, and confident. He is also a master of disguise and deception. He has a crush on Princess Iuki and often flirts with her. He is the one who stole Iuki's treasure.

  • Jet: The second-in-command of the Band of Thieves. He is agile, energetic, and enthusiastic. He is also a skilled pilot and mechanic. He loves to fly his airship and invent new gadgets. He has a crush on Iko and often teases her.

  • Clover: The third member of the Band of Thieves. She is smart, sweet, and shy. She is also a talented hacker and coder. She can hack into any system or device with her laptop. She has a crush on Jet and often supports him.

The Collection

Fantasy Frontier Second Collection is a digital download that includes the complete series of Fantasy Frontier Second comics: chapters 1-9 with all the extra prologue and interlude chapters as well. It also contains bonus content such as sketches, concept art, character profiles, wallpapers, and an extra pic. The collection is available for purchase on Ko-fi, where fans can support PawFeather's work by donating or buying his products.

If you are a fan of DiD and tickling comics with a fantasy twist, you should definitely check out Fantasy Frontier Second Collection by PawFeather. It is a fun and exciting comic series that will keep you entertained and amused.

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