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This is What Psychology Looks Like: Dr. Celeste Malone

Welcome to the first post in our new blogspace, We’re Psyched!the purpose of this space is for undergraduates, graduate students and post-docs to share engaging topics surrounding new research, current social issues and timely thinkpieces related to women of color in the field.

By Dwayne M. Bryant (School Psychology Doctoral Student, Howard University)


s a current student in the school psychology program at Howard University. Dr. Malone has served as an instructor and advisor to me over the last three years. She is an assistant professor and coordinator for the school psychology program. In this role she has guided many students in their pursuit of finding their passion in school psychology related research. Since 2014, Dr. Malone has added a spark to the program by engaging with students and building strong relationships with community leaders.

Another important role she serves is the Field Placement Coordinator. In this role she screens and places students in schools and other community support programs to provide practical experience as future psychologists. She works extremely hard to set an example for students to uphold ethical guidelines and to practice with a level of professionalism. Currently, she is the only African American female faculty member within the school psychology program.

In 2012, she earned her Ph.D. from Temple University, in school psychology. Here is where she developed a passion for research and to use research to make informed decisions related to practice. A large portion of her research focuses on multicultural and diversity issues embedded in the training and practice of school psychology. and her dissertation examined the personal and professional characteristics related to the development of multicultural competence in school psychology trainees (Howard University School of Education, 2017).

By having a faculty member that is so involved in the training process, it ensures that our students will be properly prepared as they enter the workforce. In addition to her service she is a very active member in several professional psychology organizations (National Association of School Psychologists, Maryland Association of School Psychology Association & the American Psychological Association). In 2017, she was selected as the strategic liaison for professional information services on the National Association of School Psychologist Board of Directors. It is an honor for me to learn from her and it is equally an honor for me to highlight her as a model for an ideal psychologist.

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Dwayne Bryant is a fourth-year doctoral student at Howard University studying School Psychology. His research interests are social media and digital technology. Most recently he gained experience in providing psychotherapy at a behavioral health clinic in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. This experience provided him with a sense of confidence in his field of study.  Over the last two years he has worked on research projected gear towards the advancement of women in STEM fields. He is currently working as an intern in the APA Public Interest Directorate on the issue of women and STEM. He has a passion for advocacy and fairness for all people. In the future, he plans to open a private practice and a learning and recreation center in his hometown of Oak City, NC.

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