What is the weight, per square meter, for a SupaLite tiled roof?

The weight of the tiled roof is 46kg per m2, however, this may vary by roof style.

Do I get a guarantee with the SupaLite roof? If so, how long does this last and what is covered in the guarantee?

We provide a 10-year product guarantee on our SupaLite roofs. And as a registered Supalite Installer we also provide you with a 10 year insurance backed installer guarantee. This covers you for all materials, construction and installation elements.

Typically, how long does it take to install the SupaLite conservatory roof?

Typically, it would take 3 – 4 days to install a SupaLite conservatory roof for a standard sized 4m × 4m Edwardian style conservatory. We are going to take the extra time to make your sure your installation is of a high quality.

Do I need to get planning permission to install a SupaLite conservatory roof?

Planning permission is generally not required to install a SupaLite conservatory roof and is normally covered under permitted development rules.

Will having a SupaLite conservatory roof increase the value of my home? If so, by how much?

A SupaLite conservatory roof will certainly increase the value of your home if it is fitted and supplied with a Building Regulations certificate. We provide you with full building regulations sign off as part of your installation.

Will it make the room darker if I have a SupaLite conservatory roof installed?

There is a possibility that your room may be darker once you replace your existing roof with a SupaLite conservatory roof, there are ways of making your new room lighter. This includes painting the ceiling in white, internal spot lights, Roof Windows and SkyVista glass panels. That being said the vast majority of our customers have fed back to us and said they wished they hadn't worried so much about the reduction in light and that the conservatory is still by far the brightest room in the house.

Are building regulation plans included when I purchase a SupaLite conservatory roof?

Yes absolutely. We will always include full building regulations sign off as part of your quotation.