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11 reasons why many Philanthropists & Non-profit leaders struggle with relationships

If you're a philanthropist or a not for profit leader and you are single, trust me, it’s not a coincidence. Here are few theories as to why the struggle is real.

1. You have a big... heart? <3 Is it possible to care too much? Apparently in the dating world it is, especially if you are connecting with people who just aren't as much as a humanitarian as you are. Your emotions are involved in many things that you do and some just don’t relate to that as much.

2. You're weird Okay, maybe weird isn't the best word to describe you so let's use the word "different". Is that better? So yes, you tend to have a different aspect in life so you’re response to everyday experiences are not quite the same as everyone else. The way you walk and talk is different. While people are talking to you about random things, you’re mind is on a whole other planet or among the stars. This often at times causes you to lose connection with people and in reverse.

3. You're informed You don’t just go with the flow. You don’t just listen to friends ramble about politics or social causes and quickly agree. You collect information, compare it to what you know and if you don’t know, you research it and then respond. This causes people to think you’re a jerk who is always looking to disagree with everyone which isn’t the case. You’re just careful about the information that you receive.

4. ‎You’re infatuated Conversation wise, you can go on and on about the things that you do because you love it! To others, you can sound like blah blah blah and more blah. And as far as time, people simply can’t relate to why you spend lots of time looking for ways to better yourself to then in turn better the world. You can actually spend hours and days doing this. Dope but not so dope to others who cannot relate.

5. You’re broke Hey, if you’re working in the not for profit sector, there’s a good chance that you took a pay cut to do the things that you love to do and by doing so you kinda limited your “going out” money and going out is kinda key to meeting new people.

6. You’re genuinely compassionate And being that you are a genuinely compassionate person, you can easily spot out people who aren’t… and there’s lots of them out there. You avoid these people as much as possible and by doing so you limited yourself, which doesn’t bother you as much because who the hell wants to be around cold people?

7. You’re a superhero Everyone knows that you’re the best person to run to for advice & help when things aren’t running to well in their personal or professional life. It’s always great to be there for your friends but this can often lead to a strain in your relationship mainly because your spouse wants you all to her/himself.

8. You’re a visionary You challenge the “normal point of views”. You see things differently. You’re the type of person to notice something in the clouds before everyone else can see it. This can suck sometimes because when you talk big dreams with people, they tend to respond to you as though you’re speaking about a fairy tale that can never happen. Needless to say, you stay away from them.

9. You’re humble You aren’t shy but you just don’t see the point of posting your every single move & mood on social media. The problem is that many people gravitate towards those are seen more and it’s very much possible that you aren’t “putting yourself out there” enough for the right one to connect with you.

10. You’re misunderstood Hey, just because you love volunteering doesn’t mean that you aren’t into other things as well. When people hear you talk about the things you love or see your recent social media postings about you “saving the whales” they can often think you’re just not “cool”.

11. You use your time differently Partying and bullshitting are both on the list of things that you avoid doing. You rather have dope meaningful conversations with a small group of friends or donate your entry fee for a party to a cause or something than to be at some bar getting hammered. Unfortunately, partying and bullshittitng is kinda where are the linking up happens. Oh well.

But not to panic, because for the same reasons why you are struggling in relationships; will be same reason why you will have a strong one with the right person.

Don Jacques CEO/Founder of Raise Nation LLC

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