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Paving the Way: Dr. Regina Kimbrough

Welcome to our new blogspace, We’re Psyched!the purpose of this space is for undergraduates, graduate students and post-docs to share engaging topics surrounding new research, current social issues and timely thinkpieces related to women of color in the field.

By Janicia Dugas (4th Year School Psychology Doctoral Student, Howard University)

I’m psyched to have met an inspirational mentor who has certainly been influential in igniting my passion for the field of psychology. Regina Kimbrough, PhD, has by far

Dr. Kimbrough is gifted with the ability to leave a lasting impact with the individuals she serves. Granted with the most rewarding training experience I’ve had to date, it has been most gratifying to witness Dr. Kimbrough’s impact in working with students and families. She has truly mastered the art of meeting students where they are, by building upon their unique strengths to produce positive overall development. She is very intentional and invested in her students’ progression and their ability to thrive!

Much like the true gem that she is; she also has a refined interest in mindfulness, wellbeing, and the energy of positive aura. Dr. Kimbrough is the owner of Empowered to H.O.P.E., where she instills her clients with the capacity to navigate their life’s journey. It is because of Dr. Kimbrough that I have grown vastly interested in linking mental health to school psychology services in the form of wellness interventions tailored to enhance academic achievement. The role of psychology is to build upon the individual client as a whole; and Dr. Kimbrough is subservient in adopting a holistic mindset with each individual she encounters.

I plan to be a change-agent in every sense of the word. I wish to not only be a gatekeeper for services; but to also empower my clients to be self-proclaimed gate keepers of controlling their destiny; by being intentional in their thoughts, reactions, and behaviors. In sum, I want my role as a school psychologist to be instilling purpose in someone else—as Dr. Kimbrough has for me.


Janicia Dugas is a fourth-year doctoral student at Howard University studying School Psychology. She was born and raised in Patterson, LA, where she developed a love for education and equality. Growing up in a small town, Janicia was exposed to hard work and tradition, which has molded her into the woman she is today. In the fall, Janicia will be a School Psychology Intern for the Anne Arundel Public School System.

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