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9 Tips on how to spend your time while Quarantined…

Some states have already enforced school closings as well as WFH (work from home) restrictions due to COVID-19. Before implementing any of these tips please ensure that you are healthy first 😊.

1. Write That New Business Plan Have you been thinking/dreaming about entrepreneurship? Take this time to put your dreams on paper.

2. Design Your Website

Once your business plan is finalized put your website together. I used #godaddy and I love it!

3. Create a home workout routine

Not feeling like going to gym? There are sooo many home workouts that are effective. I love to find mine on #Pinterest

4. Update Resume & LinkedIn

Hate your job? Or looking to transition into a new career? Update your resume and your LinkedIn page. Or hire me to do it for you 😁

5. Apply For Job’s

Now that you’ve updated your resume be intentional about where you want to work. I also can guide you in this area via Skype 🤓

6. Have indoor activities for the kids

Okay this pic took me out 🤣. Create fun activities for the kids to play. Like Doctor & Nurse or arts and crafts day!

7. Listen to a new podcast

Find new podcasts to put in your rotation. 🎧

8. Re-organize/ Spring Cleaning

While you are wiping down the counters go the extra mile and clean out that closet or organize your office space.

9. Read & Rest

Have you ever heard everything happens for a reason? Well take this downtime and catch up on a good book and get that much needed rest your body is craving. 🧘🏾‍♀️ Any tips you wanna add??

Lindsay Stewart

CEO & Founder of Alexander Recruiter

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