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Introducing APA’s Handy New Student Resource Guide

Student with books in one hand and money in the other

By Farzana Saleem (Graduate Student and Intern, APA Office on Socioeconomic Status)

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”.

This famous quote by Malcolm X stresses the need for preparation and education as a means for everyone’s future security and advancement.

However, as a student, I realize that even if you are fortunate to have the preparation down, navigating to and through school can be tough, because life happens! Even the most ambitious students face daily challenges to successful academic performance. For example, having a local job or being in an alternative work study program can make it difficult to keep up with coursework, but unless your degree is fully funded, students have to find ways to pay for tuition and housing cost.

Many students look for alternative avenues, such as taking out student loans or making unwise compromises to forego textbooks and other class resources to save on expenses. These financial stressors and burdens only increase the risk of academic problems. In an effort to improve retention rates and promote the success of students from all socioeconomic backgrounds throughout the educational pipeline, APA’s Office on Socioeconomic Status (OSES) has released a new Student Resource Guide (printer-friendly version here)!

This guide summarizes APA’s listed scholarships, grants, internships, and awards for high school, college, and graduate students. We hope that this guide will assist students in funding their academic pursuits. Feel free to download and share the guide with students you may know.

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